Iñigo Ortega Martínez


Filmen Iritziak ingelesez edo hizkuntza originalean egiten ditut bakarrik

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)



I don't believe Gwen died in the end...

Electro's skills don't have much sense, do they? So he can convert into electricity somehow and basically teletransport or move through the air or something but he is not able to efficiently get rid of some spider-webs? And what kind of witchery is that of making him explode? And how did the city even recover from the blackout with the powerplant destroyed? However, although not that of a good film, the last 30 minutes really got me excited, when qwen finally dies or when the kid faces by himself the rhino-russian-cringe-baldy guy wearing a spiderman costume, that was insane. Between 6 and 7 without those personally emotional 30 minutes.

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